• Talk to Someone Guidelines
    Here you will find Administrative info and Guidelines from moderators. The site Admin and moderators will update this forum from time to time. Very important stuff to know. For those of you who are new, read all of the posts here before posting.
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  • Addiction
    Here you'll find all the forums where you can Talk to Someone and open new topics if you or someone you know is troubled by an addiction. You can create new topics or request new forums as they relate to addiction or different 12 step programs. Talk to someone and keep coming back.
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  • Nutrition
    Talk to Someone about anything nutrition related. Vitamins, Herbs, Supplements, Tinctures, Protien Powders, Green Superfoods, should all be discussed here. If you're a nutritionist, naturalpath or health practitioner please chime in here.
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  • Health
    Here you will find forums where you can talk to someone about health related issues. If you are a Doctor, Naturopath, Nurse, Chiropractor, Dentist or other health practitioner please chime in here. Need a special forum in Health. Let us know.
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  • Fitness
    Find Fitness Experts Here. Need to lose weight but can't. Want to get ripped but don't know how. Need to talk to someone about fitness or have questions but are embarrassed to talk to someone in person? Now you can chime in here and get your questions answered or help answer them if you're a fitness professional.
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  • Love & Relationships
    These forum walls may contain adult language. Read and Post topics related to Love and Relationships.
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  • Humor
    Laughter is often the best medicine. Sometimes laughing can help us out of depression, anxiety, worry, and fear. Help brighten someone's day and post a joke or a funny story. Once you've shared on other topics you can post links to funny videos or links to other content.
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  • Parenting
    Need to talk to someone about your kids? Are you concerned about your children. Need to reach out to like minded parents or someone whose been there done that. Start a parenting thread here.
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  • Business Chat
    Talk to someone here about your online business. Get and share helpful information about how to increase your online traffic and conversions. Spammers and scammers will be banned. Helpful and active users get extended privileges. This forum requires a password. Post in other forums to become eligable.
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  • Rants & Raves
    Anyone can post anything here. Want to send cudo's to another member or a shout out to someone. Have a complaint and you need guidance in order to turn into gratitude, or do you just want to bitch about something?
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  • Suggestions
    Don't see a forum or subforum you think we should have? Suggest it here. Want to suggest or request features or functions, post a topic here. Want to be a moderator start a topic, post a lot and hit me up once you're committed.
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